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เป็นเจ้า หรือ ปีศาจ. Gods or Devils !

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Update Video!!! * Many of the doctors on this team have mysteriously died one by one. 'Conveniently' they will be unable to testify if this is ever brought before any criminal court. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** Translation to English of where the dead babies came from , between 6:20 to 10:00 " One Doctor who participated with the research team for a while, has little doubt where the dead babies come from. When he discovered that when the pregnant women came for prenatal care, the doctors and nurses would tell the pregnant women that the unborn child was not viable, and if not aborted would harm the mother. They advised to get an abortion when the unborn child was between 5 and 8 months old. The doctors then takes the child out of the mother, and while the child is still alive, the doctors immediately removes the child's Medulla, as the best stem cells are from the Medulla of a live child. This doctor, who knows the secret of this evil research, decided to quit the team and went to live with relatives in America. He knows revealing this knowledge is life-threatening, so he will not return to Thailand for fear of being gagged or killed. " I ask all of you to use your own judgement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ประเทศไทยเป็นของชาวไทยทุกคน อย่าให้ ครอบเดียว (เพียง 6 คน) ที่ชอบอ้างอย่างหน้าด้านๆว่า เป็นเจ้าของประเทศไทย มันทุเรศ ..