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GTA SA Amazing plane crash!


MTA San Andreas is a open source multiplayer modification for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and way better than SA:MP.
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GTA SA: Space Shuttle Discovery V4
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GTA:SA MP-Ucieczka Helikopterem
GTA:SA MP-Ucieczka Helikopterem
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My DYOM Mission : Airport Assault
My DYOM Mission : Airport Assault
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About PGK ; PGK or Pasukan Gerakan Khas ; English: Police Special Operations Force; SOF)is an elite high-profile counter-terrorism and special commando unit of the San Andreas Police Contingent (SAPC). The PGK has two distinct subdivisions; SWAT (Special Weapon and Tactic} and the San Andreas police commando 69th SPU Division; Special Project Unit.

The PGK is capable of dealing with a wide range of special operations from counter-terrorism operations to rescue operations. The actual size and organisation of the Directorate is classified. Tasked with enforcing San Andreas law through sea, air and land operations, the PGK is a vital component of the SAPC.[/i]


Previously separate entities, both the SWAT and the 69th SPU were amalgamated into the PGK on. However, the SWAT and the 69th SPU are still operationing as separate units. The SWAT is now officially known as PGK Division Alpha and 69th is Division Bravo.

Based at the San Adreas Headquarters in Los Santos, and Las Venturas the PGK is under the direct command of the SAPC’s Crisis and Anti-terrosit Council (CAC) Director With the growing threat of terrorism since the September 11th attacks, this unit has increasingly adapted itself to conduct counter-terrorism duties With the aim of creating teams that are capable of dealing with a broad range of operations (especially counter-terrorism operations), the PGK small patrol team consist of 4 to6 operatives with different expertise such as an attack units, snipers, EOD experts, communications experts and field medics.

Headquarters and base

SWAT has been placed at the Las Venturas Police Department and the 69th SPU Headquaters is located at Los Santos Police Department.

=== Mission ===

Some terrorist from San Fierro Make a Trouble, they has jack a plane with 100 hostages.They claim for free their firend that had been imprisoned in Los Santos Jail. As Special anti-terrorist unit, 69th SPU from PGK Deatchment Bravo has order to do and accomplish one mission has know as Airport Assault Ops. The PGK unit will safe all the hostage and neuralise the airport from terrorist.

Your Function:
1. Trooper Leader
2. Tracker
3. Radio Leader

Mission objective :

1. Disturb the terrorist
2. Kill All them and safe all the hostage
3. Sure your teammates is survive

Main enemy
1. San Fierro Terrorist
2. Leader of The terrorist

Difficult : Easy-Normal

Recomanded Cheat
I Recommend to you all to use Baguvix cheat or Hesoyam Because you will gunfight with the enemies.

Author :

Tagged Crisis Response Team (TCRT)
(c)2011.TCRT All Right Reserved.Design Your Mission.

Special Thank to :

Design Your Own Mission (DYOM)

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GTA SA: Shark attack Mod
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Just A SHARK MOD I downloaded!!!

GTA 5 BIG BaNK Job Live Stream — GTA V Trevor VS Michael Campaign —  Grand Theft Auto 5
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GTA 5 BIG BaNK Job Live Stream GTA V Trevor VS Michael Campaign Grand Theft Auto 5
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Beginning — How To Find A Minigun In The Beginning Of The Game
Beginning — How To Find A Minigun In The Beginning Of The Game
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This video was requested by AaronDochan. He asked me to make a video on how to get a minigun in the very beginning of the game. I thought this was a really good idea.

I ended up making this video and it turned out really smooth. I didn’t fall off my bike once and I got the minigun without dieing.

There are three other locations to find the mingun but I could only make a video on one of the locations. There is one more mingun still in Las Venturas, one in San Fierro and one more in Area 69 in the desert. You can obtain a minigun for free right outside of your safe house, when you finish all of Mike Toreno’s missions.

If you want me to make a video for you, write me in the comments and request me a video to make. I’m running out of video ideas. I already have three other video ideas, but later on I will run out of the ideas. You can request that I get a certain weapon in the game. I will make the video if the idea is good.



le gta face
le gta face
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GTA San Andreas KING KONG!
GTA San Andreas KING KONG!
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This is my first gameplay show on youtube.I wish you enjoyed it :).
Mod is here

LSPD — Academy 33B [PR-RP. com]
LSPD — Academy 33B [PR-RP. com]
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LSPD Academy PR — RP