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How To Make a Homemade Euler’s Disc

This is my homemade Euler’s disc made from 4 metal discs I got from a broken hard drive. If spun on a smooth surface, the disc will spin between 45 seconds-1 minute. I used four discs for mine but I should have used about eight to make it correctly proportional. You can also use Cd’s or DVDs as well. Once again, the ratio of the diameter of the discs to the depth of them glued together must be 6:1 to reach optimal spinning time.
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MIND-BLOWING Voice Distortion and Home Made Instruments — The Sounds of Science — Joe Genius
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Pump up the volume and ride the sound wave because this episode is all about the science of sound! A bunch of backyard brainiacs put their musical science skills to the test and create homemade instruments out of veggies, garbage bags, and spare parts. Listen in on other maestros who change their voices by experimenting with the Darth Vader of gases!


Joe Genius Homepage



Welcome to Joe Genius — the first show that proves how exciting, hilarious, and sometimes dangerous, homegrown science can be. Each week Joe Genius will turn the spotlight on some of the best science videos online, from dry ice bombs to robot musicians, and explain why they work...or more often than not, why they don’t.

Tim’s Toys for Halloween
Tim’s Toys for Halloween
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Euler’s Disk
Euler’s Disk
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Euler’s Disk is a unique combination of science and art. Spin the chrome plated steel disk on the concave mirror base for an exciting visual and audio experience. The mesmerizing disk rolls and spins, or «spolls» and produces a captivating sonic hum. Create an even more stunning display by placing a holographic magnetic on the disk. Try spinning it in a dark room and shining a flashlight on it. You can even use it as a decision maker. It makes a great gift for executives, scientists, students, artists and musicians.

Red Hot Ball Bearing vs Mentholatum (carsandwater!)
Red Hot Ball Bearing vs Mentholatum (carsandwater!)
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I only made this video to introduce my SUBSCRIBERS to a cool channel. I don’t know why this video became featured but my goal in making it was to help out Carsandwater. My hot ball example was purposely lack-luster, as Carsandwater is the master of this. Be sure to check out Carsandwater and see how creative HE is at doing this.

Check out «carsandwater» for more stuff like this:

I do not plan on doing more of these since carsandwater has made this his signature subject on Youtube. I normally avoid copying other peoples’ ideas out of respect to them.

Robert Boyle’ Flask
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Experiments with different types of liquids

Inertia — Mass —  Friction  — Amazing Physics!
Inertia — Mass — Friction — Amazing Physics!
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I discovered that a large ball bearing will spin for a unexpectingly LONG time when placed in a glass bowl. I was able to get one spinning for over 2 minutes. It was so long that I felt I needed to add a few extra clips of other tests to keep people from falling asleep! The watch is there to show that I didn’t cheat. —
The large bearings measure around 37mm and were removed from a very large extruder during an overhaul. The smallest balls are Pachinko balls.

Tunguska Chillout Society «Dream Catchers»

Tim Says. . . Pick Another Card!
Tim Says. . . Pick Another Card!
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View our new on-line catalogue at

A few weeks ago, we made a video with Tim demonstrating many of the unusual decks of cards that he has collected over the years. He found so many unusual examples, that we could not fit them all into one video. So here is part 2 — with lots more really unusual decks of cards.

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Magnetic levitation — a type of levitation phenomena in physics involving the lifting objects without mechanical contact with the ground. Magnetic levitation occurs under the influence of forces and effects of the magnetic field and the electromagnetic force that balance resulting from gravity or other factors.

Super-Exotic Shotgun Rounds  — Test 4
Super-Exotic Shotgun Rounds — Test 4
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Much better results this time using these custom-made shotgun darts.
I definitely fall into the «arm-chair physicist» category and am baffled why some of these work or don’t work.

These were made by:
He mostly makes exotic air cannon rounds and wanted to try some shotgun rounds.
This is how he makes them:

Check out Matt’s channel if you enjoy RC stuff!
Demolition Ranch: