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The pulser pump uses hydropower with no moving parts!
It is just pipes joined together. People have made pulser pumps and pulser pump models in Europe, Asia, and north America and posted them to youtube. Probably other places too. ( Please check out and make the pulser pump nano too. The nano began in 2011 as a suggestion from Virlusun on youtube) Nobody has ever made a pulser pump nano.
The one in the videos have worked for over 2 decades.
This idea was probably thought of and used (and lost) before I thought of it.
If you have ever seen a tromp powering an airlift pump to pump water (or reference to it), prior to 1986, please let me know. a entry, and more people will have confidence to use them.
The pulser pump began in 1988. This is a small one in Ireland. Thanks Wikipedia (june 08) for updating the definition for trompe at my request.
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Manual Water Pump. 1
Manual Water Pump. 1
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Make a manual, hand operated water pump at home, with a PVC tube, and a few small extras.
Una bomba de agua manual que puedes fabricar en casa con un tubo de PVC y unas pocas cosas mas.(con subtitulos)

10 Percent Perpetual Motion Ram Pump
10 Percent Perpetual Motion Ram Pump
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I had some pipes and things for doing a DIY on my bath tub, and stumbled on some interesting articles about water powered ram pumps... so I got a couple of 1 way valves, added an water bottle (we have a water brand called pump here in New Zealand) and 3 kids for an afternoon of technical madness... I have to say I didn’t think it would work, so was most happy with the results. I call it a 10% Perpetual Motion Ram Pump, it’s sounds cool too, listen for rythmic sound of free energy.

Tesla Water Turbine
Tesla Water Turbine
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1100 rpm, high torque, water gives up its energy efficiently.

How To Make A PVC Pump!
How To Make A PVC Pump!
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In this project you’ll learn how to make a customizable PVC hand pump that will create vacuum suction, pump water, or compress air.

A pre-requisite to making the pump will be 2 homemade check valves. You can learn how to make these cheap PVC check valves here:

Music by Jason Shaw (TU-ForeverBelieve)

My friend NightHawkInLight made another version of a vacuum pump. Check it out here:

Project inspired by: This is an original design, based off a picture I once found on a google image search. (I haven’t been able to find the picture since)

WARNING: Power tools, like a table saw, pose risks of serious injury. Adequate training and experience are required before operating. The results and claims of this pump are based solely on my personal experiences with the one demonstrated in the video. Individual results may vary. The pump is a simple design and not made, or claimed, to be used in any heavy duty operations, or relatively high pressures. Use of this content is at your own risk.

I’ve wanted to build a PVC water pump for awhile, but the check valves were around $10.00 each. That seemed a little steep for a PVC build, so I made my own, which you can see in a different project.

I was inspired on the pump piston and chamber by a picture I saw on a google image search by someone who used the 1-1/4» and 1» sizes of tubes, and he mentioned he cut the grooves for the O-rings on a table saw. That was a new idea to me and gave me the inspiration to put this together.

I’m also planning to use this piston design in future projects that require pneumatic and hydraulic pistons.

In my testing, the valves work great with air and water. I didn’t have any gauges to test the strength of the vacuum so can’t say how strong the vacuum would be, but it certainly does create one.

While there are some special tools used to create this pump (table saw and forester bit), I believe with a little creativity the pump could be made just as effectively without them, making this a simple and duplicatable design.

Simple Homemade Water Pump Demonstration.
Simple Homemade Water Pump Demonstration.
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This simple homemade water pump demonstration uses a low power air pump to pump water. Build your own high performance grow containers, pumps, and trays its easy.
The reason for using air powered water pumps is to provide highly oxygenated nutrient solution to irrigate hydroponic grow containers. Systems are easy to build and plants love the extra aeration this air powered water pump delivers.

Archimedes Screw
Archimedes Screw
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Inventor Jailed for making this video?
Inventor Jailed for making this video?
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Here is a direct link to the small engine plans - Small Engine Conversion Plans[1].pdf I highly recommend that you check out their whole site, here’s the link
heres the link to my geet playlist

Paul was approached by members of the oil cartel that made him offers for his patent, each time he demanded a contractual provision that the invention would actually be used to help man and the planet — The potential buyers always refused —
One group took Paul to court and argued that Paul was insane, for anyone that would turn down the amount of money that he was offered was surely crazy —
Paul Pantone was falsely placed in a mental institution where he was tortured in an attempt to get him to sign over all rights to his design

He was released when an employee realized that Paul was not crazy and the crazy story that he was telling was in fact true —

Realizing that he could never market the technology in this corrupt world has offered do it yourself plans to modify your own engines —

Thanks to for that explanation

ENOUGH!!! Yes it works! Look up US patent 5794601 video in question, And all other’s are directly related.
4267976 May 1981 Chatwin
4418653 December 1983 Yoon
4524746 June 1985 Hansen
4567857 February 1986 Houseman et al.
4735186 April 1988 Parsons
5059217 October 1991 Arroyo et al.
5074273 December 1991 Brown
5357908 October 1994 Sung et al.
5379728 January 1995 Cooke
5408973 April 1995 Spangjer
5443052 August 1995 Aslin
This is what you may call a prohibition cluster ***!

DIY Ram-pump ( Big home made Ram pump)
DIY Ram-pump ( Big home made Ram pump)
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I build this ram-pump of parts laying round in my back yard I only bought the one non-return valve
Keep a lookout on my channel for the DIY project of how to build one of these Ram-pumps.I will do a detail design!

Free energy! Super-economical water pump!
Free energy! Super-economical water pump!
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We are offering a super-economical pomp, which functions without electricity and fuel. The given installation is invented in Moldova by the author Leonid Popusoi. By an amateur camera it has been filmed the functioning of the experimental variant. The installation works due to rivers current power. The flowing cylinder with blades is fastened to coast. The cylinder during rotation is transmitting the energy of river through a cardan joint to the mechanical pomp. The mechanical pomp is pumping water from river under a pressure of 2, 4, 6 atmospheres, depending on need.
The given installation supplies excellently with water the capillary irrigational systems for watering fields.
Our pomp is ecological safe, because it doesnt need electrical energy and fuel.
The interested in such an installation can address by e-mail: [email protected]

Williamson ram pump
Williamson ram pump
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Updated video at

A very simple but effective water pump that uses the energy of a large amount of water falling a small height to pump a smaller amount of water to much greater height.
200 year old idea, 16 year old video, new website at
put up in time for the NZ Agricultural Field days.