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Super Smash Flash 2 v0. 8a/0. 8b — How To Unlock Captain Falcon!

I cleared all my data so I can show how to get Captain Falcon because I kept getting a lot of comments on how to get him so there you guys go. Play this game at:
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Super Smash Flash 2 v0. 9 — All Final Smashes!
Super Smash Flash 2 v0. 9 — All Final Smashes!
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Including Jigglypuff’s

Super Smash Flash 2 v0. 8a — Big and Small Glitch
Super Smash Flash 2 v0. 8a — Big and Small Glitch
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A major glitch I found while get the Smash Ball and then a Super/Poison Mushroom, and your either get 2 times as big/small then you should. You can do it the other way too but you have to get the Smash Ball quickly before the Mushroom wears out.

Note: This does not work with all character. For example, Kirby.

Super Smash Bros Rumble Characters & GamePlay
Super Smash Bros Rumble Characters & GamePlay
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Super Smash Bros Rumble Characters & GamePlay

TheSacredPhoenix (SaPh) ’s Custom CSP & Textures v1. 0
TheSacredPhoenix (SaPh) ’s Custom CSP & Textures v1. 0
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New Exhibition Showcase videos (April 2012):

New Sonic Model Import videos (April 2012):

**Updated as of 06/14/2012:
Download the «code» and «private» folder you’ll need for your SD card here!
It’s a 7z file, it was a little too large to fit on Mediafire or.rar. Download 7-Zip (free, open source, and in my opinion the best compression software) here:

Includes CSP, TGAs for those who want a certain one, Textures, Code File and Code List as well, Version History.txt and a short Readme. Oh, and the Strap Loader and «4 Ways To Play», NOT featured in this video, but rather the ones my 1.1 video.

So I tried my hand at modding Brawl, and I’m very very happy with the results.

WHAT I DID DO: — Take pictures of every character on Pictochat (except Shadow and default Nintendo colors), use Photoshop to crop and edit them, then turn them into acceptable.tgas. I did all of this myself without using.tga’s that other people created. Yes. It took like 30 hours. — Compiled my favorite textures of every character except G&W from around the internet. — Edited code to create my Custom CSS (Character Select Screen).

WHAT I DIDN’T DO — Create the textures themselves. These magnificent works of art were done by skilled and innovative artists from Stack Smash, Kitty Corp, Meow Mix, and other smaller individual developers. — Create Gecko, Ocarina, CSS, etc, code. I did edit some of the CSS code to arrange the icons to my liking, so I do take credit for the design, but not the code itself. — Create anything related to the stage.

SPECIAL THANKS — Phantom Wings — for making textures able to be loaded off of the SD Card, among other things. Serious props, thanks a lot. — spunit262 — for making a character select screen I used as a base for mine. — Kitty Corps and Meow Mix — for all their guides and galleries. — allisbrawl — there was this one post that gave really simple instructions on how to get crisp and non-pink bordered.tgas in a very simple manner. — Fit Artifex — for making a custom «4 Ways To Play» and Strap Loader screen. — ecco / A Flying Turnip (depending on platform he goes by different names) — for assisting me on roster decision as well as test play.
Estimated time of compiling everything, renaming everything, taking and creating tgas, and the rest : about 50 hours. It was well worth it though, it’s a great game and the depth of what can be modded is just astounding. Maybe my Computer Science degree will push me to try my hand on something more than just collecting other people’s creations. We’ll see.

Hope you guys enjoy and that this video will provide insight into what can be done and give new modders ideas and what to improve on, etc. Basically, keeping the Homebrew community alive.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Super Bug En Super Smash Flash 2 V0. 8
Super Bug En Super Smash Flash 2 V0. 8
04:49 4.3 Скачать просмотров:305194

Super Bug Es Super Smash flash 2 Se puede realizar Este Bug Con todos Los personajes Que Tiene Transformaciones En Este Caso Lo hice Con Goku

Hola Youtubers. Despues De Mucho Tiempo Sin hacer Un Video Loquendo, Aqui LEs traigo Un Video.

Se Trata Sobre Un Bug, En un juego LLamado: Super Smash Flash 2.

Es Tan Solo Un Demo Pero esta muy Divertido, Y Adictivo

Bueno A Lo que iva: Este Bug es De agarrar El Super mushrom. Junto Con la Smash Ball.

Bueno Disfrutenlo.

Puntuen, Con un Me Gutsa O, manito Arriba.

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Link Del Juego

Proximamente pondre el link Para descargarlo

Si se quieren transformar en Super Saiyan Tiene que Presionar La tecla de Ataque Especial osea en los controles Originales «O». Cuando tengas la smash Ball y Ya Se tranformara :D!!!

Por que pongo esto por que Ya me han llegado Mas de 100 mensajes Privados con la misma Pregunta Y Aveces No tengo tiempo para responderles a todos u.u.

Gracias por Comentar, Darle Like Y Suscribirse.

Smash bros Rumble v0. 66 hacked!
Smash bros Rumble v0. 66 hacked!
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Watch in HQ
IT AINT CALLLED SUPER SMASH BROS RUMBLE thats a homebrew ds game okay get it right.
So...i got bored and hacked Smash bros rumble a yoyogame, also the best fan made game in yoyo’s.Most of the thing arnt done because i just re-started, actully started like...5 months ago?Download link to game(not hacked)
Thanks to Emile for making such a great game!

Super Smash Flash 2 v08. b — How to unlock Captain Falcon, Clock Town and Sand ocean
Super Smash Flash 2 v08. b — How to unlock Captain Falcon, Clock Town and Sand ocean
15:15 4.5 Скачать просмотров:45017

Easier way to unlock Captain Falcon, Clock Town and Sand Ocean.

To unlock:
Captain Falcon: You must win a round with each character.

Clock Town: You have to make a time lower than 6 minutes.

Sand Ocean: You must defeat Captain Falcon 10 times.

Play now Super Smash Flash 2: