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PC Game — MLP Revolution — My idea a game! (MLP 2014 NEW! info link!)

NEW: «MLP 2014 — Game» Preview! LINK:

I worked long on this project, in total of 13 hours, only Photoshop CS3 and Movie maker (PowerDirector 10).

I do not own these backgrounds and wallpapers seen in the video, I found them from DeviantArt members and groups, I just made a menu out of them.

Thanks info comment by:
its not a real game its just ideas of what will a mlp game look like.

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my little pony QWOP twilight vs walking
my little pony QWOP twilight vs walking
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this is where i play an MLP themed QWOP spin off that is so freaking hard lol

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Legends of Equestria — Gameplay trailer [Pre-Alpha]
Legends of Equestria — Gameplay trailer [Pre-Alpha]
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Here we introduce some of the locations and the three races! All of this is pre-alpha footage so you might see bugs in the video.

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Thanks for watching my Happy Wheels Gameplay and Commentary! This playthrough will include my review of numerous levels and all characters! You guys wanted to see me play Happy Wheels, and there’s sure to be some funny moments, so hopefully I don’t rage quit!. If you’re a fan of the Happy Wheels game, then Let’s Play! Subscribe and tune in daily to ZackScottGames for new episodes of Happy Wheels!

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Sam07 Play’s My Little Pony — Friendly Magic Duel — Part 1
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Sry but i’m not playing this game anymore since i have to play other games.

No exception.

My Little Pony Speed Drawing with Gimp Paths Tool
My Little Pony Speed Drawing with Gimp Paths Tool
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This video might cause seizures.. it’s sped up 2000% and the ponies look pretty weird.

Remix by

Let`s Play My little Pony (Ponymon). . Dawn Version (German / Deutsch)
Let`s Play My little Pony (Ponymon). . Dawn Version (German / Deutsch)
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ja wie der Titel schon sagt nicht wahr...
mcoetga bei facebook? Kein Problem :

MLP Game «Twilight Wing» Full Playthrough
MLP Game «Twilight Wing» Full Playthrough
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Link to the game:

Game created by «Futzi01» from Deviantart. Annotations in the video display the song names.

You can also view the soundtrack playlist here:

Look below to view the time lines of all the levels and bosses.

Stage 1 (Ponyville Outskirts): 0:40
Boss, 1 (The Great & Powerful Trixie): 3:22

Stage 2 (Everfree Forest): 5:15
Boss 2 (Not Luna, Nightmare Moon): 8:00

Stage 3 (Ponyville): 10:08
Boss 3 (Discord): 13:22

Stage 4 (Swamps): 15:53 (Dear Celestia that song gives me the creeps...)
Boss 4 (Queen Chrysalis): 18:58 (This reminds me of that one short shooter, «Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare’’)

Stage 5 (Crystal Empire): 21:18 (Also the laggy stage)
Boss 5 (King Sombra): 25:30 (Still laggy, also most boring boss because he never moves)

Stage 6 (Moon): 29:30
Boss 6 (???): 32:06

Bonus (Your Worst Fear): 37:24 (No way I’m ever completing this...)

Great game, I had a lot of fun with this. My only problem with this game is how some of the controls are laid out. It’s impossible for me to make use of «Shift» to slow down my movements, and I am unable to move in diagonally up left, and down right. (Oddly specific for some reason.)

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